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Garages have been around for years but seem to be the most over looked area when a home owner is looking at purchasing a home. A garage inspection should follow right behind a standard home inspection.

The home inspector looks for the following areas while performing a garage assessment:

  1. Garage Door- The inspector will check that the door functions properly. When you want it to rise, it rises; when you want it lowered, it lowers.
  2. Door Fatigue- The inspector will look for cracks in the door itself, the door struggling to rise and lower, even if it does in fact complete those tasks – the effort should be minimal.
  3. Pressure Release and Photoelectric eye- The inspector will test the garage door by, placing a 2×4 flat on the ground, and close the garage door. If the pressure release is working properly, the door will automatically reverse direction and begin to ascend. The “eyes” simply emit a beam that can detect any interference blocking the ray of light while the door is closing and will be checked if it is working properly.
  4. Emergency Release- The emergency release cord allows you to disengage the automatic function of the door and easily lift the garage door manually, freeing – and potentially saving – anything trapped beneath, this is the very reason the home inspector will check the functionality of the emergency release cord.
  5. Attached Garages- In case your garage is attached to your home, a thorough fire inspection will be performed. Each wall is checked for cracks or fire hazards that can spread from the garage throughout your entire home. The ceiling is checked in the same manner, as well as any doors that lead into the home. This is a vital procedure to ensure the safety of not only your garage, but also your home.
  6. HVAC, Plumbing and Electrical- All electrical functions will be inspected including, fixtures, switches and visible wiring. HVAC and Plumbing will be inspected if present in the garage.

All of our inspections include a detailed report with pictures of their findings and will be available to the customer 24 hours after the inspection.

Home Inspector Fairmont MN | Inspector- 507-721-3145