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We stress to any current or future seller, to have a moisture test completed before you have a potential purchase agreement. We have seen so many hidden moisture situations cause a sale to fail, or become significantly delayed because we identified moisture issues during the inspection period. Prior to placing the home on the market, find out if any surprises exist before a buyer is ready to make a large purchase.

The inspector will be able to:

  • identify and describe specific details of building that may cause moisture-related problems;
  • describe the design, construction, and maintenance of houses and buildings that manage moisture effectively;
  • inspect for indications of moisture intrusion;
  • communicate how to prevent moisture intrusion by proper installation of systems and components;
  • understand how energy, moisture, water, and vapor moves through a building;
  • recognize evidence of structural damage and previous repair; and
  • communicate to clients indications of moisture intrusion.

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