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There are many reasons why you may want a plumbing inspection. In addition to buying or selling property, you may want an inspection to prevent costly emergency plumbing expenses.

Here are some things to expect from your home plumbing inspection:

  1. Check water filtration systems
  2. Examine fixtures, supply lines, drains
  3. In-depth investigation of all above-ground, exposed plumbing, including shut-off valves and traps under kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room sinks;
  4. Inspect sinks, showers/bath, toilets
  5. Inspection of bathroom, kitchen, and laundry room draining and venting systems
  6. Inspection of the storage water tank or tankless water heaters
  7. Plumbing video camera inspection of underground sanitary drains and sewer pipes.
  8.  Cracks and misalignments that can lead to future drain blockage or collapse.
  9. Shut-off valve inspection
  10. Sump pump and discharge inspection

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