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How safe is the deck?

Every certified home inspector will need to look very closely at the deck on the house at the time of a home inspection. The sheer numbers of deck problems seems to be increasing, because from year to year all of us hear in the news as well as read within the newspaper about decks plunging and people getting injured. There can be numerous conditions that contribute to deck failures however the most widespread troubles are caused by inadequate construction or the decks age.

Anytime you retain a home inspector to look at your home you need to be worried about just how safe and secure the deck is. Here is a listing of items that will be checked out on your deck at the time of the home inspection.

1. The inspector will observe the hand rails; check the hand rails to make certain they are solid and safely supported and are the correct height

2. Balusters, make sure all of the baluster are four inches or less between all of them. This is commonly the most recognized width

3. Porch posts; check out and ensure all the posts are not rotted and also are braced adequately. Look at the post footer and make sure the bottom of the post is attached adequately

4. Check to determine if the deck is actually anchored on the home adequately. There must be lag anchoring screws or bolts retaining the deck to the home. In the event the lag screws actually are missing. If the deck were to get overloaded it could actually topple

5. Look for absent joist hangers on all of the joists, when they are absent this really is an issue that may be easily added after construction

6. Age of the deck is definitely important detail take into account; if the wood on the deck is decaying it will need to be replaced. In case the deck has a lot of water damaged lumber it’s going to be the best to replace the whole structure

7. Check the deck flashing; many individuals don’t realize just how important the flashing is. In case that the flashing is definitely missing the location where the deck is anchored on the home water is certain to get in back of the ledger and cause the joist that is certainly supporting the deck to rot away. In the event the lumber which is supporting the lag screws is rotted away the deck could possibly collapse. If there is an unfinished basement or maybe a crawl space you’ll be able to look inside at the framework and observe this kind of deterioration.

8. The steps contribute to more accidents than every other part of a deck. Ensure the stairs are solid and strong. The steps need to be the spaced exactly the same elevation in order to avoid tripping plus the deck boards must be secured properly.

Decks can be a source of enjoyment but also a dangerous area of your home. By being aware of potential problem areas you can greatly reduce potential dangers.

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