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It’s very common after you finish stuff with the heating system to find the water heater very close to it. Not all the time, but probably most of the time. There’s certain things that you need to look for in the water heater just like you would have looked for in the heating system. If it doesn’t have the right components that’s a problem. The second thing that we’ll do then is to make sure that those components  are doing what they’re designed to do.

A water heater inspection is a vital piece to completing a whole home inspection.

Water heaters have a life expectancy of approximately ten to twelve years. The first thing the inspector will do when inspecting a water heater is to find the age of the heater.

The inspector will then look at the pipes connected to the water heater. They will look for  corrosion on the fittings or at the shut off valve, leaking and look at the sides of the water heater, inspect for the possibility of rust beginning to develop on the lower parts of the tank. Rust is a great an indicator that the tank is beginning to fail and would need to be replaced in the near future especially if the rust is advanced

The inspector will also look at the temperature pressure relief valve and look for water stains beneath the tube opening. After the inspection the inspector will give you a detailed report of the finding.

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